A team of altruistic individuals set off around 9:45am mane on the 28th April, 2017 from Ho to Akatsi-Live to set the pace for a two-day community outreach initiated by W4C.

Team players

Write4Chanage is a solution oriented charitable organization consisting of people who are passionate about bringing a positive change in the society. We empower the disadvantaged individuals in rural communities to develop as individuals by volunteering and partaking in social activities, while making positive contributions within the community. We believe in team work and respect for humanity regardless of race, gender and religious beliefs.
Our focus this time was centered on three major areas; the children, the youth and the aged.
We had teaching aids in place to help young children identify their unique identity and secrete their creative juices  through drawing and writing skills.

All for the kids

Our selfless team members also spent time impart into these young children, the desire to want to be great and not remain a liability on others, nor the community, nor the government in the near future.

The books

The rapid uprising of teenage pregnancy related issues was paramount among other demands that attracted us to this community and therefore , measures were out in place to if not stop at least dim  it’s devastating effect on this very community.

W4C is committed to solving the problems of society hence piloting a project in the near future entitled ERADICATION OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY TO PROMOTE ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

The targeted group, adolescents, from this community enjoyed well packaged education on the subject in question from our able facilitators (Mrs. Arthur Naomi, Mr. Azi Gideon and Mr. Atsu Constant) who happen to be health tutors and therefore have upper hand on the subject area.
More emphasis was laid on abstinence and the need to remain chaste and focus on achieving their dreams. 
This was backed by a powerful motivational talk on GOAL SETTING which left everyone wanting some more.

Mr. Atsu Constant (from Left), Mr Harry Beks, Mrs Naomi Arthur & Mr Gideon Azi.

The last group of people the aged were educated on the various problems of the aged, the preventive measures and how they can be managed with the locally available resources.

Health talk

This was followed by health screening to assess basic vitals and also upon a thorough physical examination to educate them on the findings on individual basis.

Basic Vital signs & Education

The aged who are highly respected were encouraged to continue to use their position as role models in influencing the young ones to actively get involved in the development of the community.


Everyone got a share

Donations are always part of our invasions. Its not a business transaction but helps greatly in human connection and gives us a sense of closeness everywhere we go.
We went with books and stationery for the school pupils, this we were told during our survey of the community (a few weeks before the outreach) as the major need of most of these pupils. We went with enough to cater for the 206 young pupil that came on the first day of our outreach. Except on the second day that we run out of books and stationeries to offer others who turnout on the second and last day of our outreach.

Male Category

Many bags of used but clean clothing were also sent and  distributed to the adult.

We can’t help everyone but we believe everyone can help someone.
The future is what we make of today.

We as an organization want to encourage everyone to take part in bringing social change in our various societies.

Beautiful smiles during discussion

You can also partner with us and reach our more deprived communities.

Our women deserve more than just becoming housewives. We all have a part to play.
Some drawings portraying different creative works

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    The kids re really talented. well done


  2. Anonymous says:

    great work people


  3. Selikem AB says:

    Service to man is service to God. God bless you and team W4C for the great impact made. there’s nothing fulfilling than making people smile. I trust God for more fulfilling days ahead.
    change activist.
    More grace for greater impacts.


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