The answers to many of our life predicaments lies in we taking the right decision (right direction) and acting on those decisions quickly ( need for speed)

I admire a lot of successful people in life and reading the books and observing the life of some few has taught me the need for speed in whatever our endeavor in life may be. 

Speeding is good but be ready for casualty without direction. Many of us young people are speeding beyond limit but to nowhere exactly.
Direction gives meaning (purpose) to our speed. You won’t ever win any race if you run fastest in the wrong direction. If you don’t trust my words, you can ask Usain Bolt. Observe the manner in which most of us study for exams within a few days to the exam. That is what I call speed. Reading a whole text book overnight!  Haha 
I failed an exam years back (I am narrowly escaping them now) and after pondering over the etiology, I realised I was “over speeding” within the last days to the exam without a clearly defined line of action (direction). So what was the result? Failure.
Now let me share with you some of the areas young people need (calculated & purposeful) speed application in life. 

I still regret the books I never had the chance to read when I was younger. An example is Petter Pan. I decided to be a reader just a year ago and I am glad I’ve read and re-read a little above 100 motivational/christian literature.

They form the foundation of my inspiration to write and  to inspire other young people like myself. 
One of such books – the first which stirred a reading culture within me -is “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. We need speed to study and not waste the opportunities flying by daily. The amount of effort and energy we put into our studies will determine the quality of our lives in the future.

When you get to the crossroads of life. Always rely on making the right decision and should be acted on quickly

This is one area several young people battle with daily. Many hearts get broken over and over again before finally meeting “Mr/Mrs Right”. With sex becoming the artificial index by which our generation measures love, many people (especially the youth), will stop at nothing to get it on any day. It is therefore not surprising the almost complete crackdown of morality in society today. Young men have become vicious sexual hunters ready to gun down any “thing” in skirt – a perfect recipe for casualty. 
What about the ladies? Despite a few responsible ones around, a chunk of them have lost focus. Thus, they’re easily tossed about by the boisterous winds of fashion and indecency. A young lady on a hunt will lash out at you with such seductive machinations until your defenses are weakened (even sometimes your spirituality).

There is no perfect time to love. Decide on who you want to marry and save yourself a lot of time wasting. 


When I was younger, I wanted to become a medical doctor and I dreamed and waited till my admission into nurses training. Now am about making a decision between three very loving professions. A teacher, a doctor or a social worker with young people.
What do you aspire to become? The time is now! If you still haven’t found what you want to become yet, then call or send an email. I will share with you a few nuggets to help you discove your God-given potentials.

Know when to

It is possible! You can be anything you want to be. You can achieve anything you aspire for in life. Drive safely (your life’s goals) but most importantly, have direction! Again I say to you, It Is Possible!

Thanks for reading.
Help share with others.


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  1. Éric says:

    bro kudos ,I pray that may the lord increase your Wisdom and do more well done


    1. Harry Bekoe says:

      Amen. Thanks for the encouragement


  2. ISAAC says:

    Great piece, very inspiring and educative, keep it up bro

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Edem Tay says:

    Wow. This is the kind of material we should be found reading. It is a must read for every youth.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane says:

    Great piece dear…very educative..keep the gud wrk up


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