A section of the team member who were present for the invasion. All dressed up !

Invasions are special programs, organized by Write4Change members, which enable us to reach out to the deprived communities to provide assistance in terms of education and donations in various forms to the community members.

We at Write4Change believe that there is so much power in the spoken word and have consequently made it our main tool for propagating the “change” message.

One of the towns of the Adaklu district was our first point of contact. Our main objective for the visit was to educate the entire community to actively get involved in contributing through suggestions in finding solutions to problems facing the community and the role they all must play to ensure that.

We arrived in the community around 2pm on the 30th of October, 2016. We had the honor of meeting some community leaders who lead us to meet the entire community at the community center. What else could be relieving and fulfilling than to meet a crowd ready to participate in a long-awaited program? Being the very first of its kind generated a bit of nervousness in the team, but never lasted for long after chanting our slogan for some time.

We were filled with so much energy and desire to impart upon seeing how eager the community members were. In attendance were the aged, the youth, adolescents and children; They were grouped respectively.


After discussions. 🙂

An African proverb states that wisdom lies in the head of the aged. We interacted and reminded the elderly of the role they can play in empowering community members to take responsibility for personal and community development.

A group of 15 young and passionate individuals from all around the country (majority in Ho) made it to make a change in the life of others. Quite a handful of Write4Change members who are in the Nurses Training School, took it upon themselves to educate the aged-on conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and what they can do to avoid such conditions. We also educated many who already have the conditions on what needs to be done in managing it.

Community member listening to presentation with an undivided attention.

 Numerous questions about superstitions and doubts regarding certain disease conditions were asked and appropriately responded to.


Attentively listening 🙂

It has been reported one out of every four pregnant women who patronize a health facility in the Adaklu district, is a teenager. The situation has been described as catastrophic by traditional and opinion leaders.   

( http://citifmonline.com/2016/06/01/teenage-pregnancy-too-high-in-adaklu-district/  ). Even though something is being done about it, a lot more needs to be done to curtail this abnormality.  

The youth in this community are full of energy which when appropriately channeled into a worthy course, will yield many benefits to themselves and the community at large. We took them through topics such as GOAL SETTINGPOWER OF VISION. We believe this is very necessary to the youth, on whom much of the success of the community depends on. The presentations were done by Ephraim Amakpah (main speaker), Fredrick Brown (supportive speaker), and Richard Monyo (talented English to Ewe translator for both speakers).

A countless number of questions were asked and appropriate answers were given from resource persons. They were left empowered and strengthened to take up responsibility for themselves.  What else could be more satisfying than to hear some of them admit to the fact that their lives are never going to be the same after the session-purpose achieved?

A section of the kids our cameras got…

The small community has a very large population of children which drew the hearts of many of the team members. The children had the opportunity to learn some English poems, songs, recitals etc. One could virtually tell the great future that awaits this community if attention could be given to these children.

The future is in the destiny our young children. They deserve a better education and an inspiration to lean on.


Tricycle conveying items to Adaklo Kodzobi

We donated about 15 bags (varying in size) of clothing, and used shoes and bags to the community. We collected these voluntary donations from friends in colleges and many other concerned citizens across the region who heard about the invasion.

Coming from various regions and secondary schools in the country Ghana, we find it necessary to reach out to others who are desperately in need of our support no matter how small it may be.

Many who are well to do seem not to care about the rapid increasing rate of poverty, and the deplorable state many lives are left in. Self-centeredness has affected many of us like an incurable plague which is due the widespread apathy among civilians, to better each other’s lives. We stand to inspire hope and liberate people from many mental conditions associated with poverty. 

What many of us fail to realize and understand is that all achievements are eventually surpassed and records are broken with time. Reputations fade and tributes are forgotten. However, the good we do remain in the hearts of human lives forever.

Write for Change is for anyone  who stands for change, believes in change, and the need to fight against corruption and to reach out to hard-to-reach communities.
Email: writechange1@gmail.com 

Tel: +233(0)542866278 / +233(0)203039778 / +1(410)-306-5793

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/Write4Change-1620108781549322/cial 

He goes by the name Goodman. Yes he is a good man. He runs a school under a tree…pastors a church and also a vibrant leader in the community.

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  1. Bright Seyram says:

    I must say this is real ACTION! The change is here!. Great job


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  4. Isaac says:

    God bless you to do more.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good works.Looking forward for more invasions


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